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Why we exist

Based in Saskatoon, Canada, Sprockety™ exists to generate compelling ideas that inspire the creation of software capable of transforming industries — and people's lives. At Sprockety, there is only one way to help clients outperform: innovate with purpose.

  App Development

Working to enhance the customer experience.

Creating apps that aim to make people's lives easier can, at the same time, yield data capable of improving a company's performance -- by making the consumer's digital interactions with the company more meaningful.

Designing apps that achieve a win-win scenario.

Apps for organizations that have utility for both the customer and the organization can create opportunities for positive synergies that may not otherwise happen.

  Virtual Reality

VR has been evolving for 30 years...and it's finally here.

Inexpensive consumer VR systems are now available, opening up a whole new area of visualizations to explore. Of course, games will benefit, but so will nearly every other industry as well.

Powered by some of the biggest names in the electronics industry.

If you've ever heard of of the big VR players like HTC, Oculus, Valve, Samsung and Facebook (among many others) you'll quickly realize that there are billions of dollars being invested in this industry, and it's going to be huge. We're focused on developing VR software that transforms the customer experience across countless industries.


Bruce Cory, B.A., M.A.
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Throughout his 20-year career spanning various sectors, Bruce has spent his efforts concentrating on business development, marketing, brand strategy, idea generation, and entrepreneurship. With considerable experience serving in the public, private, and non-profit arenas, Bruce understands fully the level of insight and objectivity required to challenge the status quo entrenched in so many enterprises and organizations today. He puts that acumen to the test every day as Sprockety™ strives to lead the innovation charge to create products that transcend client and customer expectations.

Raised in Saskatoon, Bruce earned a Bachelor's degree (1990) and a Master's degree (1994), both in Political Studies, from the University of Saskatchewan.

Tod Baudais, B.Sc., B.Eng.
Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

Over the past 15 years, Tod has amassed an extensive background in software development across an array of industries -- including games, animated feature films, and app development. He has worked on many cool projects including Gnomeo & Juliet, Tim Burton's 9, A Dolphin Tale, and even an episode of the Simpsons. He has also created apps for Tourism Australia, Universal Pictures, and Electronic Arts.

Tod's perpetual interest in technology has taken him through the worlds of Virtual Reality, Big Data, and 3D Printing -- which all served as inspiration for launching Sprockety™. Raised in rural Saskatchewan, Tod earned Bachelor's degrees in Electrical Engineering (2000) and Computer Science (2000) from the University of Saskatchewan.


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